Robert Smart, PE
Archon Engineering
P.O. Box 1623
Columbia, MO 65205

Rob looked over our set of plans, structurally specified all requirements of SOLTERRA, and sealed them. He did this for us even though he had a busy schedule. We are indebted to him for his commitment to this project. Please visit his web site and check out all the engineering design software that he and his company have written. It is most impressive and economical.

CADKEY Corporation
33 Boston Post Rd West
Marlborough, MA 01752
Tel: 508-229-2020

Dan Hilty, Distributor
12026 Lower Valley Pike
Medway, OH 45341

80 Ellis Dr., Unit #1
Barrie, ON L4M 6E7

Tel: (705) 726-9499
Toll: (866) 468-6299
Fax: (705) 726-2110

Loewen Windows
77 PTH 52 West, Box 2260
Steinbach, Manitoba ROA 2AO
(204) 326-6446

Loewen took a real interest in Solterra by actually doing research on the application of their windows to our home and we are very thankful to them for their commitment. You can't find a better window anywhere.

Dwight Giving a Thumbs Up Click to Enlarge
Dwight Holman
Holman Aqua Drilling
PO Box 257
Risingsun, OH 43457

Dwight was the first contractor to work at our site. His crew did a terrific job in drilling the well and hitting an aquifer of 30 GPM at 78 feet! This was all the more remarkable since the wells around us were much deeper and with much less GPM flows. Dwight's a great guy to work with because he's honest, has integrity, is considerate, and (in our case) even helped us with our conduit work that day. You want a well drilled? Get Dwight Holman. He'll treat you right.

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Keith McCullough is one of the owners of GKG Custom Builders and has been a very good friend and resource during all of our construction with Solterra.  He's very knowledgeable and donated much of his time and let us use any piece of equipment he had that would help.  We are most indebted to him and all of his crews.  We couldn't have built Solterra without him.  If you're thinking of a new home, call Keith:


Click to Enlarge

You just can't find a better mason than Bob Perry.  He's been doing it a long time and works harder than guys half his age!  He's reliable, extremely skilled, and makes the job look so easy!  We are so thankful to have had Bob do our brickwork.  And his prices are more than fair. Top notch guy and top notch work.  If you need a mason, call him:

(734) 848-8232



Pete Lucio and his crew did an excellent job on the 1st floor slabs. Stepping around 1200 ft of radiant Pex tubing while pouring was no problem. The slabs look great and are very level, a testament to his many years of experence. He did the slab on our steel building as well and it's worked out great. If you need any concrete work done expertly, get ahold of Pete. He's honest and will give you a very fair price.

Mike has really bought into this house. We are excited to have him dig our foundations, backfill the berms, and put in our septic system. Mike is an easygoing guy who'll help you out as much as he can. And that's a big plus on a busy jobsite like ours. Mike's fair, honest, and a man of his word. He does excellect work.

Mike George Excavating
P.O. box 203
Millbury, OH 43447
(419) 855-3096

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For such a critical component on Solterra, we needed a good roofer.  Mark Lake and his crew were referred to us and again, we were fortunate to have an experienced contractor who really takes his work seriously and did an excellent job.  Personable, hardworking, and competent.  Call Mark if you have a need for good roofing.

(419) 467-4933

Howard Lawn & Landscaping--Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge
Howard Lawn & Landscaping has been absolutely terrific in giving Solterra a beautiful look that was exactly our intention. Owners Jessica, Kelly, and Andy gave us super service with their creative ideas and hard work. If you need landscape help, call them.

Chuck has exceeded our expectations in assisting us with getting the best prices on building materials, providing contacts with people who care about quality and service, and has taken a real personal interest in SOLTERRA. We have been fortunate to work with Chuck and all the people at Triden.

Chuck Frantz, Sales Representative
720 Ford Street
Maumee, OH 43537

Gene Mahoney from Kuhlman's has really worked with us on concrete pricing for this home. We have over 420 yards in the entire home, so a very good price for very good and consistent mixing of concrete makes for a very good business relationship. It was a pleasure to work with Gene, and all the guys in Dispatch.

Main Office
650 Beaver Creek Circle
Maumee, OH 43537
Phone: 419/897-6000

Concrete Dispatch: 419/897-6060
Toll-Free: 1/800-669-3309
Fax: 419/897-6061

PO BOX 700

Phone 419-877-0316
Fax 419-875-6491

Dick Hite worked with us for our concrete pumping needs. We used him for 7 pours total on Solterra. He's on time, reliable, easygoing, and his pump operators do a terrific job. You need concrete pumped? Get Dick Hite.
Tri-County supplied us with the full-size brick we needed as well as the thin brick for the parapet wall facade.  Service was always great and they delivered quite a distance for us.  They also donated some glass block and thin brick.  They have the best selection of any brick or block style you could want.  Give them a call:


The Radiant Floor Crew--Click to Enlarge
Rick and Bill at Radiant Floor have been invaluable in setting up the radiant system in Solterra. They are so helpful for the DIY'er and the components they provide are topnotch and easy to work with. You can't beat their prices for the quality you get and they're always there for help. If you have any radiant floor projects planned, you have to talk to these people. They'll make it easy and affordable for you.

I've known Steve Davidson and George Brown a long time and they do high quality work, both in machine design and steel fabrication, as well as in steel erection. They did a great job on the structural steel for this unique home and we are thankful for their talents.

3454 Silica Road
Sylvania, OH 43560

Ph (419)841-2866

Jeff has been another one of those contractors that has taken a real interest in SOLTERRA. He has personally directed the installation of the geothermal loop on site, and has been most helpful in providing technical information on the Water Furnace equipment.

Jeff Zuhlsdorf

429 Clough Street
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Leroy gave us the absolute best deal on all the Low-E products he distributes. Both he and the manufacturer of Low-E insulation really are excited about Solterra and want to show their best possible commitment to us. Leroy is an honest, reputable man of his word and will always treat you in the fairest way. We are most appreciative of his efforts and his trust in us.

Midwest Low-E Insulation
Leroy Hartley
Joshua Hartley
HCR #1 Box 67-H
Hermitage, MO 65668

Phone: 417-745-0080
Toll Free: 800-769-8818
Fax: 417-745-0081
Toll Free Fax: 800-381-0811

Leah and I want to thank ESP for their strong commitment and trust in us and Solterra. Their Low-E products are absolutely the best. . . and they work! One of the reasons that all the alternate energies contribute such a high percentage of our heating and cooling needs in Solterra is that fact that we're using Low-E products everywhere we can. Thank you ESP!

Environmentally Safe Products, Inc.
313 W. Golden Ln
New Oxford, PA 17350
Ph: 717-624-3581
Toll Free: 1-800-289-5693

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The local dealer for Jameson is Reddi-Set-Home. Dan Scott is one of the owners and he and his partner sprayed the 3rd floor loft walls and ceiling with 6" of polyurethane foam from Jameson.  I've seen foam jobs before and these guys are absolute pros at what they do!  Our loft area is very strong, quiet, and warm already and the house is not done yet!  Give Dan a won't regret it:

(419) 779-0627

Click to Enlarge
We were referred to Jeff Rollins by a friend when we really needed a great drywall contractor.  (I hate to do drywall. . ) Boy were we fortunate to get a great, easy-going guy that works with us very easily.  He has a wonderful crew and you can't beat his prices.  We needed someone who would work with us room by room and Jeff did it.  Super guy and great work! (Ask our painter. . . he knows good work when he sees it)
You got a drywall project, call him:

(419) 460-4330



Nothing helps to finish off a house like a great paint job and Rob Hughes, our painter has 25 years of painting and finishing behind him.  You can't ask for a better price and he accommodates your available time in every way.  He's also been a great resource when it came to finishing our natural poplar trim.  He's very skilled in his work.  Call him when you need a job done right.

Seaway Scaffolding
Tracy Road
Toledo, OH 43560

Seaway was very helpful to us with all the scaffolding we needed for Solterra. They're a great bunch of guys to work with and even offered tips and ideas on how best to make use of their products. We appreciate their trust in us.

Hearth & Home Technologies were very gracious to donate a Heatilator corner fireplace that really compliments our 2nd floor MPR. Contact them at their website to look over their energy efficient products.

Thermal Associates gave us a great deal on our Venmar Heat Recovery System. Venmar has been around for over 20 years and we chose them because Solterra is very tight and this system provides fresh air and conserves energy in the process. Call them for your new house.

Ben and the folks at Hardware Unlimited really worked with us to get all the cabinet pulls and hinges we needed at a really good price!  Check with them for your house.

RC Counterman and the installer for them just did an outstanding job of service and installation. We are very pleased with their attention to detail. You want good carpet?  See them.

RC's Cell:
(419) 464-8062

Doug Samsen and all the sales people over there treated us exceptionally well. Their prices are right and the quality is wonderful.  Small town business with large attention to service. Go there.

Certified Tile & Flooring
725 Ford St
Maumee, OH


The people at Certified Tile in Maumee were very helpful in our search for just the right, high quality tile for many of the features in Solterra.  They have some really great specials too!  See them.
Steve at Gross Electric was so very helpful in service and in answering all our electrical equipment questions.  A great guy to work with.

There isn't a better place to find really good foam pipe insulation and covers.  We also used their preformed fitting insulation and covers on our solar and hot water systems.  First rate product and service.

Superior Seamless Gutter LLC
Toledo, OH

Mike Tye gave us the best seamless gutter job I've ever seen.  Careful and meticulous, his work showed his expertise. Not to be taken lightly, a great gutter job is invaluable, especially for Solterra!  Call him.
Cor-A-Vent was really nice in donating special soffit and patented ridge vents for the roofs on Solterra.  It really makes a difference in our design and we thank them for their generosity.

The people at Design Tanks were super in providing us a very high tech fiberglass solar storage tank that can withstand some pretty high temperatures.  These are the guys to call if you need a special



Packet of product brochures and specification sheets of materials and suppliers used in the creation of SOLTERRA, all in one convenient package for the price of shipping and handling. Please send $10.00 U.S. in check or cash to:

SOLTERRA Information
19101 Curtice E & W Rd.
Curtice, OH 43412-9610

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.




The Green energy Ohio site is a wealth of information on wind, solar, geothermal, and other forms of energy along with news, meetings, seminars and current events.

Green Homebuilding is another excellent site if you're considering building underground or above ground. They also have many resources to look into.

If you have an unusual home that is very energy-efficient and you've been having trouble with financing, call Kathy Collings, Loan Officer, at Mountain States Mortgage.